National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Stipends and Allowances

The DoD will pay the fellow's full tuition and required fees (not to include room and board). In addition, fellows receive a stipend for 12-month tenures. The stipend levels for each of the 12-month tenures are as follows:

Period First Year Second Year Third Year
Amount $30,500 $ 31,000 $ 31,500

The above amounts are prorated monthly based on a 12-month academic year. If the fellow is not enrolled in an institutionally approved academic study and/or research activity during the summer months, financial support will not be provided. There are no dependency allowances. Persons with disabilities may be considered for additional allowances to offset special educational expenses.

The NDSEG Fellowship Program will also pay for the medical insurance coverage offered through the institution, up to a total value of $1,000 per year (this excludes dental and vision insurance). Any excess insurance costs will be the responsibility of the fellow.

David Breslauer

David Breslauer, NDSEG Fellow

“I wanted the liberty to perform a high risk, high reward project in graduate school and it was very difficult to find funding for it. The NDSEG Graduate Fellowship has provided me with the means and liberty to pursue the research that I want, and that others are hesitant to take risks on.”