National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

 Current Fellow Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Matters


When do I get paid?

NDSEG Fellows are paid on the first business day of each month during his/her tenure.

I changed my banking information. How do I let ASEE know?

Fill out, sign, and send in the Direct Deposit Form along with a copy of a voided check from your new account.

You can do this by physical mail or fax. We will email you and confirm that we received and updated your banking information.

You do not need to submit a voided check if your new account is a savings account.

Does NDSEG pay for travel to conferences?

No, NDSEG does not pay for travel to conferences.

Does NDSEG pay for indirect costs, computers, books, or anything not specified in the Terms and Conditions?

No, NDSEG pays for your full tuition and all mandatory fees, up to $1,000 in medical insurance per year (excluding dental and vision insurance), and your stipend.

I need proof of income. How do I get it?

Simply email us at ndseg@asee.org and we will email or fax you a letter for the party requesting the proof of income.

Does NDSEG take taxes out of my fellowship?

No, we do not deduct any taxes from your stipend. You are responsible for filing estimated quarterly taxes. For more information on estimated tax payments, please visit the IRS website page athttp://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=110413,00.html.

ASEE is not legally allowed to give tax advice.

The IRS is asking me to prove I was not self-employed. How do I do this?

Occasionally, the IRS asks for more information on a Fellow’s tax return. In this case, email us at ndseg@asee.org, and we will send you a letter that you can forward to the IRS.

ASEE is not legally allowed to give tax advice.

When is the date of my last paycheck as an NDSEG Fellow?

Your last pay will be on the first business day of August, for the month of August, in your final year as an NDSEG Fellow. However, please note that fellows who graduate with their Ph.D. or drop out of the program prior to the end of their original fellowship tenure are no longer eligible for NDSEG stipend payments. The NDSEG Terms and Conditions state that fellows are required to enroll in full-time programs leading to a Ph.D. or equivalent. Therefore, if a fellow is no longer in pursuit of a Ph.D., he/she will cease to receive NDSEG funds.



Do I need to give ASEE any information to make sure NDSEG pays my tuition?

No, we contact the schools directly and make sure that they know we are paying you. There are some schools that require you to fill out a form, but they will contact you individually.

How do you pay my tuition?

Your school sends us an invoice for your tuition, and we pay the school directly.

I received a bill that says my tuition is due soon. What should I do?

Generally speaking, you do not need to worry about any tuition bills you receive from your institution. The due dates listed on invoices that are sent to you are not applicable to third-party payments.

If you have late fees or a hold on your account, you should email us to resolve the situation. Otherwise, you do not need to take any action to make sure your tuition is paid.

I have a late fee or a hold on my student account. What should I do?

Email us at ndseg@asee.org and we will contact your school to resolve the issue.


Summer Internships

Can I take a summer internship?

Yes, NDSEG Fellows are free to pursue internships during the summer months if they so desire.

However, unless the internship is at a DoD lab and you have received prior approval from the DoD Program Manager, you will lose the months of funding while you are on your internship.

What if I want to do an internship at a DoD lab?

If you are invited to do a summer internship at a DoD lab, then you should email ndseg@asee.org and ask for permission to defer those internship months.

How do I let ASEE know that I am taking a summer internship?

We send out our annual report in the spring every year. This report will ask you if you if you are planning on a summer internship. Once we receive your data from the report, we will make sure to suspend your pay for the months of your internship, and will re-start it when you return.

However, if you are starting your internship in May, we ask that you email us to make sure that we take you off that payroll.

How do I make sure that you don’t pay me while I’m on my internship and start paying me when I come back?

We look at your annual report to see when your internship will start and stop. We then make the appropriate changes to the payroll for those months.

Do you prorate stipends?

No, we do not prorate your monthly stipend; when you give us starting and ending dates for your internship, we will make a determination as to whether we are paying you for those months.

Please email us at ndseg@asee.org if you have specific questions about when you will be paid.

Do I need to register during the summer if I am not taking an internship?

Yes, NDSEG requires that you register for at least one unit of classwork or research during the summer if possible. We recognize that some schools do not have summer registration as such; if this is the case, you do not need to register, but you do need to inform us in writing.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my address, banking information, or other information?

If you have moved or changed your phone number, email, or other information, please email us and give us the new information so that we may update our records.

If you change your banking information, please fill out, sign, and send in the Direct Deposit Form along with a voided check from the new account (if it is a checking account). You can send the information by mail, email, or fax.

I would like to switch institutions, programs, or advisors, what should I do?

Email ndseg@asee.org with the details of your request. We will then forward your email to the DoD Program Manager, and let you know the result of your request.

I am writing a paper or giving a presentation. How do I acknowledge NDSEG funding?

You can simply state, “I was supported by the Department of Defense (DoD) through the National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG) Program.”

I would like to leave graduate school or otherwise discontinue NDSEG funding. What should I do?

Email us at ndseg@asee.org and let us know the details of your situation. NDSEG Fellows may discontinue funding at any time, but without prior approval, you then forfeit the remainder of your NDSEG funding.

You do not need to pay back the funding that you have used.

I received the NSF GRFP at the same time as NDSEG. How do I handle this?

This decision is up to you as the awardee. Please keep in mind that the NDSEG Fellowship Program is non-deferrable.

For more information regarding the NSF GRFP, please contact their team directly.

When is the date of my last paycheck as an NDSEG Fellow?

Your last pay will be on the first business day of August, for the month of August, in your final year as an NDSEG Fellow.