National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship


Where do I have my official transcripts sent?

The NDSEG Fellowship Program requires that you upload electronic versions of your official or unofficial transcripts via the online application's Academic Background section. These documents will be handled confidentially. Once an institution is added to your application, a link will be displayed to upload an electronic transcript for the corresponding degree.

When are transcripts due?

On the day of the application deadline, which is December 9, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EST.

What transcripts do you need?

We require transcripts from your baccalaureate institution, and any institution at which you have been a graduate student.

We require transcripts from your baccalaureate institution, and any institution at which you have been a graduate student.

Ensure the transcripts meet the following requirements:

1. The transcript must be legible

2. The applicant name must be listed

3. The school name must be listed

4. If the institution does not use a 4.0 grade scale, provide the grade scale used as the last page of the document

5. Provide an uploaded transcript for each degree, unless a single transcript lists all degrees

Are transcripts required for my Fall 2016 academic term?

Transcripts for the Fall 2016 academic term are not required in order for an applicant to have a complete application package.

Do not wait for your Fall 2016 grades to post before uploading your transcript, as it will likely not reach us before the deadline. This would disqualify your application from being considered for a fellowship.

I uploaded my transcripts this year for another ASEE Fellowship (such as SMART), do I need to upload them again?

Yes, you will need to upload them for each ASEE Fellowship application that you submit.

I sent in my transcripts last year. Do I still need to upload them?

Yes, you will need to upload your transcripts for this year’s competition.

My transcript is in my maiden name, or a different name from the name I am using on my application. How can I ensure that it will remain attached to the rest of my application?

If the name on your transcript is not the same as the name on your NDSEG application, please save your transcript PDF under the name that is on your application. That way, we can ensure that they will remain attached.

My transcript is the same for two schools I listed. Do I need to upload my transcript more than once?

If your transcript should be attached to two school entries, then you must upload it for each school that you have listed.