National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

The Application

If I applied last year, can I have my application reactivated?

No. You will have to create a new application and resubmit your transcripts, references, and your GREs along with your online application.

If I applied last year and was not selected, can I get information on why my application wasn't chosen?

No. There is no way for us to provide you with any information on your application from last year.

I would like to review the application; is there something I can look at?

The Application Instructions contain all the questions you will be asked, including the exact wording and length restrictions for your statements.

Is there a way to save a copy of my application for future reference?

The online application does not have that capability at this time.

What is the rate of acceptance?

Historically, around 10% of applications that are reviewed are awarded NDSEG Fellowships.

How do I provide footnotes?

Due to the limited space allocated for your statements, footnotes are discouraged. If provided, they must fit within the character limit.

Can I use bullets to summarize my points?

Yes. However, be sure to clearly and concisely answer each question.

If I am awarded, can I defer?

No. Fellows must begin the NDSEG Fellowship in the fall of the year in which they are awarded. Fellows will be notified of their award status by mid April and must begin their NDSEG Fellowship in September of that year.

Situations in which the tenure may be extended with prior approval of the DoD are:

  • The fellow is invited to do research at a DoD laboratory or test center for one or more summer periods.

What is the Academic Status Explanation?

If you meet eligibility requirements explained in the "About the NDSEG Fellowship" page, you will not need to fill out this section, and it will not be visible either on the sidebar or on the "Overall Status" page. If, however, you select "Other" from the "Academic Status" list on the Academic Status page, then the Academic Status Explanation link will appear at the bottom of the sidebar on the left, and you will see an entry for it on the "Status" page.

For the applicants who need to fill out this section, eligibility is judged based on the applicant’s written response. NDSEG Fellowships are intended for students at or near the beginning of their graduate studies in science or engineering. For example, you could use this section to explain that you were a student that had switched from Oceanography to Physics and very little or none of your previous work would transfer. Therefore, you were essentially starting over in your graduate studies.