National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Fellowship Usage and Restrictions

Before I apply, I would like to know if the fellowship would allow me to…

We are more than happy to answer questions about the application process, including what materials you should provide and how to provide them. We can also provide general guidelines about how the NDSEG Fellowship may be used, but often we cannot provide specific answers. All of the guidelines and any answers we can provide are on this page or in the Application Instructions.

The NDSEG Fellowship Program allows fellows with special circumstances to make requests. However, requests are not always granted. A decision to accommodate a request is based on individual circumstances and cannot be guaranteed in advance. If there is a particular circumstance you are concerned about, we recommend you apply for the fellowship. If you are offered a fellowship, you will be given an opportunity to explore your concerns in detail and receive specific guarantees prior to making your decision to accept or decline.