National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship


What is the deadline for references to be received?

By the application deadline; no exceptions.

Have you received my reference?

You may monitor the status of your references by looking at the Overall Status page. When we receive a reference, it immediately shows as received on the "Status" page.

Why hasn't my reference been receiving the NDSEG emails?

Check that you have correctly entered your reference's email. If it is incorrect, you will have to create a new reference with the correct email and delete the old, incorrect one. If it is correct, then tell your reference to check their spam or bulk mail folders to look for our emails and add ndseg@asee.org to the list of addresses they can accept email from.

How many references can I enter?

You may add up to five (5) references; however, only three (3) will be used. You may rank the order in which they will be used and the top three (3) completed references will be the ones used.

Why is my References section incomplete even though I have listed three references?

This section will be marked as complete only when you have selected three or four references to be used. You must select the “Use this reference” option to select a reference form to be included in your application. Three reference forms are required; however, you may choose to include up to four forms.

Can I edit my reference information after I have submitted the online application?

Yes, you can change your reference information at any time, even after you have submitted your online application.

My reference filed a letter with a letter service. Can I send that?

No, we do not accept references from a letter service.

I mailed or faxed in my reference. Why isn’t it showing up on my application?

We do not accept faxed or mailed-in references. References must be filled out using the online form.

Whom should I use as references?

References should be scientists, engineers, or faculty members who have current or recent knowledge of your academic accomplishments or your professional experiences.

How do you contact my reference?

References are contacted by email and asked to fill out a brief form and attach a reference letter.

Can I see what my reference submits?

No, you cannot see the reference form or letter that your reference submits.

Can I send my reference a reminder?

Yes, simply select “Send reminder email” under the appropriate reference entry in the References section.

Can you share references with other ASEE fellowship applications I am submitting?

No, you will have to re-enter your reference information for each ASEE fellowship you are applying to.