National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship


Does ASEE request my scores from ETS once I enter my registration number?

No, you must contact ETS and have them send ASEE your scores.

How do you get my GRE scores?

You must contact ETS and have them send ASEE your scores. We do not retrieve your scores from ETS. Sending us your GRE scores is your responsibility.

What is the GRE reporting code for ASEE?

5140, with no department code.

How do I contact ETS?

You may contact ETS at http://www.gre.org or (609) 771-7670. The GRE code for ASEE is 5140, with no department code.

When are my GRE scores due?

By the deadline, which is December 9, 2015 at 5:00 P.M. EST; no exceptions.

When is the last date I can request for ETS to send my scores and expect that ASEE will receive them in time?

ETS has announced that it takes approximately 10-15 days after your computer-delivered test date for those scores to be available and sent to ASEE. Applicants must sit for a computer-delivered GRE examination prior to the NDSEG application deadline, and obtain scores that will be sent to ASEE prior to or by December 9, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EST. November 25, 2016 is also the last date you should order scores from ETS and expect that ASEE will receive them by the deadline. Please contact ETS directly for more information about this process and to confirm whether your scores will be received by NDSEG's application deadline of December 9, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EST.

Have you received my GRE scores?

You can monitor whether ASEE has received your GREs by looking at the Overall Status page, both before and after you submit your application. If the name you used on your GRE test is different from the name on your NDSEG application, email us and let us know so that we can attach your score to your application correctly. Please get confirmation from ETS that they have sent your scores before emailing us.

I sent in my GRE scores, but they aren’t showing as received. Why?

If you used a different name on the GREs from on your application (even by one letter, and differences in punctuation count), then the automatic GRE matching will not match the score to your NDSEG application. If you received confirmation from ETS that they sent us your GREs, email us and let us know, and we will be able to attach the score manually. Please check with us before paying to have GRE scores sent again.

How do I enter my scores into the application?

Click “Add new GRE score” in the GRE Scores section. Enter the registration number of the test you are reporting. Each GRE test has a unique, 7-digit registration number. This is not the same as the confirmation number. On your score report, ETS prints the registration number for your most recent test only, even if you have multiple test scores listed. This means that, unless you have the score report for every test you took, you will have to contact ETS in order to obtain the correct registration number for each test.

I didn’t need to take the GRE for grad school. Do I still need to submit a GRE score?

Yes, a GRE general test score is absolutely required to apply for the NDSEG Fellowship.

I didn’t take the GRE, but I took the MCAT or LSAT. Can I use that score instead?

No, a GRE general test score is required to apply for the NDSEG Fellowship, with absolutely no substitutions.

If I already sent in my GRE scores to code 5140 for the SMART Scholarship, do I need to send them in again?

No. The NDSEG Fellowship can retrieve your scores once you have had ETS send them to 5140.

Note: If you are applying to the NSF GRFP, you do have to contact ETS and have them send us your scores -- we cannot share GRE scores with NSF.

If I sent in my scores last year, do I need to send them in again?


ETS will no longer report my official GRE scores; will you accept the report they sent me or my school?

No, we accept only official GRE scores directly from ETS. Please keep in mind only current GRE scores (those taken in the last 5 years) will be sent.

How are my scores sent?

ETS sends us your GRE scores electronically; you do not need to specify this when you request for your scores to be sent.

What is the minimum GRE required to be considered for the fellowship?

Although the NDSEG Fellowship is a highly competitive program, there is no minimum GRE requirement. All completed applications are considered in full. The required statements, GPAs, GRE scores,reference letters and forms, and transcripts are all reviewed and evaluated.