National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Eligibility - Ability to Accept

There are four eligibility requirements: citizenshipdisciplineacademic status, and the ability to accept the full benefit. You must meet all four requirements in order to be eligible.

Am I eligible if I will not be pursuing a doctoral degree?

You are required to enroll at a U.S. institution in a full-time program leading to a graduate degree in your discipline of study. Fellowships are awarded only to applicants who intend to pursue a doctoral degree. You do not have to be accepted into a program at the time your application is submitted; however, should you be selected, the award is contingent upon your admission to a suitable program.

Can I defer the start of the NDSEG Fellowship?

If awarded, you must start the program in the fall of that year. You will not be able to defer the NDSEG Fellowship if you were awarded another fellowship you wish to use instead.

Situations in which the tenure may be extended with prior approval of the DoD are:

  • The fellow is invited to do research at a DoD laboratory or test center for one or more summer periods.
  • The fellow's graduate institution does not offer an appropriate program during the summer months.

May I spend a portion of my tenure at a non-U.S. institution?

The NDSEG Fellowship Program provides tuition and stipend support only to fellows attending a U.S. institution. A fellow would not be able to enroll at an institution located outside the U.S.

Can I accept another source of funding?

A fellow may not accept simultaneous remuneration from another major fellowship. Fellows must be eligible to accept both the tuition benefit and the full stipend amount.

There are additional restrictions that may apply; for example, a fellow cannot receive both a stipend and active duty military pay at the same time or be an active federal employee while receiving NDSEG funds.

Am I eligible if I am in the military?

You are free to apply while you are in the military. However, if you are awarded a fellowship, you must take whatever steps are necessary for you to be eligible to receive the NDSEG stipend by your fellowship start date.