National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

The Academic Background Section

What do I do if I can’t find my institution with the school search?

Email us at ndseg@asee.org and we will add your school so that you can select it.

What is the "GPA Base” field listed under each institution?

This is asking for the maximum GPA for the program you attend/attended. For example, for a program that grades on a scale from 0.0 to 4.0, the base is 4.0. Your GPA would then be (for example) a 3.8 out of 4.0.

What GPA do I enter for my school if I just started attending?

You can enter 0.0 as your GPA – reviewers will understand that you have not yet received a GPA for that school and will not view it negatively.

What is the declared major field listed under each institution in the "Schools" section?

This is asking you to list your major or field of specialization on which you focused during your course of study at that particular institution.

How many credits do I enter under "Credits Completed"?

If you do not see your credit system listed, use this conversion: One semester of full-time class equals about 9 semester hours of credit.

NDSEG does not have a universal conversion system in place. Please refer any further conversions (e.g. students whose instituition follows the quarter system) to your registrar's office.

Why is my Academic Background section incomplete when I’ve entered information?

The Academic Background section will show as incomplete if:

  • You selected any of the “graduate student” options in the Academic Status section but have not listed a school with a graduate degree.
  • You selected that you are/were in a joint program in the Academic Status section but did not list a school with a joint degree.
  • You did not list any school as your baccalaureate institution.

If accepted, am I obligated to go to the school I listed on my application?

No. You can attend any graduate school as long as it has a doctoral program.

What is the minimum GPA required to apply for the NDSEG Fellowship?

Although the NDSEG Fellowship is a highly competitive program, there is no minimum GPA requirement. All completed applications are considered in full. The required statements, GPAs, GRE scoresreference letters and forms, and transcripts are all reviewed and evaluated.