National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

 Academic Background

I am currently working on my application and cannot upload a transcript for my current institution because I am in my first semester. What should I do?

The NDSEG application does not require a transcript for the fall 2016 semester.  That transcript will be marked as “Not Required” in this section of your application.

       In uploading our past schools for the NDSEG Fellowship application, are we required to list institutions that we completed classes at during high school if they were not counted towards our undergraduate degree?

We do not require any college level courses taken in high school if they did not contribute to your degree.

       My institution does not assign letter or numerical values to its grading system. Shall I convert this to a 4.0 scale?  How should I represent my GPA on the application?

The NDSEG Program Office does not have a universal conversion for applicants in this situation. Therefore, please refer any further conversions (e.g. students whose institution follows the quarter system) to your registrar's office. If you do not see your credit system listed, we recommend using this conversion: One semester of full-time class equals about 9 semester hours of credit. Additionally, we would advise you to consult an academic advisor for input, or utilize university resources to help shed light on this scenario. The information that you list on your application should accurately reflect, in the closest way possible, your academic background.

       My obtained degree was a BS/MS.  The selection for GPA is limited to one GPA.  Which GPA (undergraduate or graduate) is preferred?

Although you received a joint degree, you will need to list the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees separately in the Academic Background section. You should also break down the credits and GPA associated with both individual degrees and enter that information accordingly. You will also be required to upload your transcript twice (once for each degree), as an uploaded transcript is required for each degree that is listed in this section.

       If I am currently taking classes and this term is my first term in graduate school, how should I enter my GPA and my number of credits?

You should enter “0” for credits earned and GPA if you are in your first term of graduate school, as you have not yet received final grades for your first term.

       Could you please clarify the subsection “Baccalaureate Institution (yes / no)” in the Academic Background section?

Please select “Yes” for this subsection if the institution listed is where you received credits contributing to your Bachelor’s degree. Please note that this section of the application will not show as complete unless you have selected one of your institutions as being your Baccalaureate Institution in this particular subsection.

Proposed Area of Study

       I am in the process of applying for the NDSEG fellowship, and I am a little unclear about the meaning of the "Name of Academic Program" question in the "Proposed Area of Study" section.

For your proposed area of study, there are three sections related to your proposed discipline. For the "discipline" portion, you would choose one of NDSEG's fifteen supported disciplines for which you are applying. The name of your academic program would be the name of the discipline at your school, and the specialization would be exactly what you will be studying. For example, if you were to apply under the Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering discipline, the name of the academic program at your institution might be Aerospace Engineering, and your specialization might be Astrodynamics.

Academic Status

       I am an undergraduate senior and am applying to enter graduate school in the Fall 2017 term. Can I apply for the fellowship this year or do I need to wait until next year to apply?

Given that you will be enrolled in a full-time graduate program at an accredited U.S. institution by the fall of 2017, you would be eligible to apply to the fellowship pending you also meet all other eligibility criteria as listed on our website.

      Since I have completed my Master’s degree in less than two years and have a graduate degree, would I  still be eligible to apply? 

             If you have completed no more than two years of full time graduate study, you would still be                                      eligible to apply pending you meet all other eligibility requirements. If you have already obtained your                          Master’s degree in no more than two years, this will not disqualify your application.

Publications, Presentations, etc.

       Is it possible to include future Presentations or is there a preferred way to notate future Presentations not in this section?

Please do not include any presentations, publications, papers, etc., that you have not yet completed.

Awards and Honors

      The application requires you to enter an email and phone number for the presenter of the award/honor. For honorary societies and a few other honors/awards, I don't have this information. How would you recommend I proceed?

A general contact number or e-mail would be sufficient. The application asks for this information in order to verify your award/honor.

GRE Scores

       I am applying for both the SMART Scholarship Program and NDSEG, both of which are administered by ASEE. Do I need to submit separate GRE scores for each program?

If applying to both SMART and NDSEG, you will only need to send your GRE scores to code 5140 one time.

      On the GRE website and materials I’ve obtained from ETS, my registration number appears to be the same for both the general and subject tests, but the application will not let me use the same number for both tests. How can I get around this?

Please note that ETS has started to release a single test registration number when issuing materials to individuals who may have taken more than one test. However, each test taken (general or subject) has a unique registration number attached for identification purposes. An assigned registration number cannot be associated with more than one test. Therefore, please confirm your individual test registration numbers with ETS prior to adding a test to your application if you have taken multiple GRE tests.

       I sent GRE scores to ASEE during the 2016 application cycle. Will I need to pay to re-send my scores to apply this year, or do you still have access to scores from last year?

The NDSEG Program Office does not keep application materials from previous cycles. Therefore, you will need to re-send your scores for this year’s 2017 application.

       I took the GRE test six years ago and noted that the application requirements list that test scores must be from exams taken within the last five years.  Is this a firm requirement?  

             ETS does not consider a test score valid after five years have passed. Therefore, scores may no longer be                  available to you after this five year period; however, this is an issue that you will need to discuss further with ETS directly since they are the party responsible for having your scores sent to ASEE.

       It appears that the GRE scores which I have requested from ETS have not been received by the ASEE. I am wondering why my scores are not available as part of my application despite requesting that ETS send them.

The data sent to ASEE by ETS will include all scores earned during the five years following the year in which you originally tested. Please note, however, that the only score added to an application submission that will be made available to reviewers during the application evaluation process will be the score associated with the test date and registration number you've listed on your application. Therefore, it is very important that you list the correct registration number on your application to ensure that panelists view the correct scores. Please call ETS as soon as possible to acquire the accurate registration number for the GRE scores you wish to appear on your application.


       Will I need to have my official transcripts mailed to your location in addition to the electronically uploaded unofficial transcripts?

This year, the NDSEG Program Office is only accepting electronic transcripts. Please do not mail official transcripts.

      The transcripts I have submitted do not indicate which school they are from within the actual transcript. Is it necessary for me to ensure that the name of the school is listed within the transcript in some way?

Please provide a written confirmation from your institution on university letterhead stating that the information listed on the unofficial transcript matches what would have been included on the official transcript. Please include this written confirmation as the final page on the file that you upload as your transcript.

       Do I need to include undergraduate schools from which I did not obtain a degree, such as an institution I attended before transferring to my awarding institution?

The NDSEG Program Office requires that you list all institutions where you received credits that contributed to any undergraduate or graduate degree. Please only list the credits and GPAs received at each individual institution on the Academic Background section.

NDSEG & Other Funding

       I wish to apply for the NDSEG Fellowship and the SMART Scholarship. Am I allowed to apply to both?

Applying for more than one source of funding (such as NDSEG and SMART) will not affect the decision on your application at this time. However, please note that NDSEG awardees may not accept more than one source of funding.

       Are current NSF fellows ineligible to apply for the NDSEG fellowship?

Current NSF fellows are eligible to apply for the NDSEG Fellowship. However, if awarded the fellowship, you will not be eligible to accept funding from both sources at the time that the NDSEG tenure begins on September 1, 2017.