National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Application Walk-Through

This is a walk-through of the application, where you will see what questions will be asked, and be provided with information on how to answer some of them. Questions that appear on the application in yellow or have asterisks next to them are mandatory. At the bottom of each section where you can enter data, there is a "Save" button. Click this button after entering data to save. Once you have clicked this button, your data is saved and you may move to another area of the application or leave the application and continue at a later time.

Once all required sections are complete, and once you are satisfied that your application is finished, click the "Submit Application" button in the sidebar and select "Yes" to submit. You will not be able to submit your application if any of the required sections are not complete. You may want to consider asking your advisor to review your application before it is submitted. With the exception of the contact information and references sections, you cannot change any of your responses after you have submitted your application. You may update your contact information after you submit the application to ensure that the information is up to date should the NDSEG Program Office need to contact you. You may also edit, add, or delete references after you submit your application, and you may monitor the status of received reference forms and GRE scores.

Begin with Personal Data