National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

 Summary of Goals

This section of the application reads:

In your own words, provide a summary of your educational program objectives and your long-range professional goals.

  • As part of this statement, we are interested in your ideas about:
    • the kinds of research in which you would like to be engaged during your graduate study or in the longer term;
    • specific research questions that interest you and how you became interested in them;
    • how your research might be of interest to the Department of Defense (DoD); and
    • your long-term goals and how the science fits into your life as an individual, especially your future career.
  • Please discuss these research interests in sufficient detail for an expert who is technically competent in your field to judge your understanding of the questions to be addressed. This includes relevant hypotheses and approaches one might take to answering the questions and other research principles required to investigate the research area you identify.
  • We do not want this to look like a grant submission.

Your response will be limited to 3,000 characters, including spaces. There is no extra space for citation. If you are writing this text elsewhere and copy-pasting it into this box, be aware that some word processing programs will transfer spaces and returns differently.

The statement you present in this part of the application should be reflective of your ability to think independently and creatively, as well as your ability to write about your research or study plans accurately, thoughtfully, and concisely. The panelists evaluating your responses will be highly qualified professionals and faculty members, generally with doctoral degrees in the discipline you have selected. Be sure to include in your written response all relevant information pertaining to your goals.

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