National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

 Scientific or Research Experiences

Describe, in chronological order, all scientific or research experiences since entering college. These experiences may include current projects, internships, or positions of employment.

  1. Add new research experience - Enter a scientific or research experience since entering college. This experience may be a current project, internship, or position of employment. There is a 400 character limit. Enter a description, the start and end dates of the experience, your supervisor's name and email, whether you completed the research as an undergraduate, graduate, or employee, and which government agency it was under, if any. Click "Save this research experience."
  2. Edit/delete scientific or research experience - Click the appropriate link beneath the item you wish to edit or delete and make the changes or confirm the deletion.
  3. If you do not have any scientific or research experiences to report, indicate this by clicking on the "No research experiences to report" check box and then the "Save" button.

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