National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship


This section of the application reads:

Three letters of recommendation are required to be eligible for review.

  • You can select only three references to be used in your completed application, although you can add entries for five references. Only your top three references that have been received will be reviewed.
  • References should be scientists, engineers, or faculty members who have current or recent knowledge of your academic accomplishments or your professional experiences.
  • References will be contacted electronically and asked to fill out a brief form and attach a reference letter. You will not be able to see what your reference submits.
  • You may send reminder emails to your references by clicking "Send reminder email" underneath the appropriate reference.
  • You may monitor the status of your references by looking at the Status page. When we receive a reference, it immediately shows as received on the Status page.
  • Please be sure to enter the correct email address for your reference and that you follow up with your references to make sure they have received our email.
  • As many references are busy during the semester, it is important to inform them early in the process so they have adequate time to submit their form and letter.

A minimum of three references must be added for you to be able to submit your application. You should confirm the references' information with them prior to adding them to your list. When you click "Add new reference," the information you will need is:

  1. Name - The first and last name of the reference
  2. Institution - The current institutional affiliation of the reference
  3. Department - The current departmental affiliation of the reference
  4. Position - The current position of the reference
  5. Use this reference - If you select "Yes," this reference will be included in your final application. Select the appropriate "Yes" or "No" radio button depending on whether you want to use the reference or not. You can change this at any time, including after you submit your application.
  6. Email address – Enter the reference's email address.
  7. Click "Save this reference."

When you click the "Save this reference" button, the reference will immediately be notified and sent a link to fill out a reference form. Any number of references can be saved; however, you must add at least three references, and you must select either three or four to be included in your application.

If you wish to send a reminder email to a reference, click on "Send reminder email" underneath the appropriate reference. If you wish to edit or delete a reference, click on the appropriate link underneath the reference you wish to edit or delete, and then either edit the information or confirm deletion. 

Applicants can send reference requests to both preferred and alternate references early in the application process and then use alternate references only if needed or desired. For example, if a preferred reference is on sabbatical and is unable to respond in time, an alternate reference may be used as the final required reference; however, if the preferred reference does respond, the applicant may elect not to use the alternate reference. References are not notified as to whether you have elected to use their reference form/letter.

You may edit reference information even after you have submitted your application. You can edit or add references, as well as change your selection of which references to use. You are responsible for ensuring that at least three reference forms are submitted to ASEE by your references prior to the application deadline. You may login and monitor which references have been received at any time, though you will not be able to review the contents of the materials received. All application materials, including three references, are due by the December 9, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EST deadline. We are not able to accept any late letters of recommendation.

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