National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

GRE Scores (General Test required)

This section of the application reads:

You must contact ETS and ask them to send your GRE scores to ASEE. ASEE does not contact ETS to request your scores; this is your responsibility. All official GRE scores are sent electronically to ASEE. We only accept GRE scores sent directly from ETS, with no exceptions. We must receive your scores by the application deadline. 

You may contact ETS at http://www.gre.org or (609) 771-7670. The GRE code for ASEE is 5140, with no department code.

Please read all of the following information carefully to ensure that your application is eligible for review:

  • Enter the registration number from at least one GRE General Test you have taken in the last five years. A GRE General Test score is required, even if you did not have to take a GRE for your graduate program. Only current GRE scores (as defined by ETS policy, those taken within the last 5 years) will be sent, and MCAT/LSAT test scores cannot be substituted for GRE test scores. Subject Tests are optional but highly recommended where applicable.
  • Each test has a unique 7-digit registration number. It appears on your test results and is not the same as your confirmation number. Please note that ETS has started to release a single test registration number when issuing materials to individuals who may have taken more than one test. However, each test taken (general or subject) has a unique registration number attached for identification purposes. Please confirm your individual test registration numbers with ETS prior to adding a test to your application if you have taken multiple GRE tests.
  • You can monitor whether ASEE has received your official GRE score(s) by looking at the Status page, both before and after you submit your application. 
  • ETS has announced that it takes approximately 10-15 days after your computer-delivered test date for those scores to be available and sent to ASEE. Applicants must sit for a computer-delivered GRE examination prior to the NDSEG application deadline, and obtain scores that will be sent to ASEE prior to or by December 9, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EST. November 25, 2016 is also the last date you should order scores from ETS and expect that ASEE will receive them by the deadline. Please contact ETS directly for more information about this process and to confirm whether your scores will be received by NDSEG's application deadline of December 9, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EST.
  • All application materials, including GRE scores, must be received by the December 9, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. EST deadline.

Official GRE General Test scores must be submitted. Indicate your GRE registration number on your application. Your GRE registration number was assigned to you by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and appears on your test results.

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