National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Academic Background

Add a new school and enter information about it, or edit information already entered. Saved schools will display information about whether a transcript from that institution is still required or not. This information will also be reflected on the Status page.

This page reads:

List all schools you have attended or are currently attending.

  • List each institution and each degree separately. If you have received multiple degrees from one school or are pursuing a second degree at the same school, please list them separately.
  • If you are listing a joint program, enter the institution only once and select the appropriate joint degree.
  • See the FAQ for more information about how to enter schools.


  • Transcripts are required from all baccalaureate institutions, and from any institution at which you have been a graduate student, unless you started after June 2016.
  • The NDSEG Fellowship Program requires that you upload electronic versions of your official or unofficial transcripts via the online application. These documents will be handled confidentially. Once an institution is added to your application, a link will be displayed to upload an electronic transcript for the corresponding degree.
  • Do not wait for the fall semester's grades to come in before you upload transcripts; fall grades are not required. You will need to upload your transcripts again, even if you applied last year.
  • Once you have uploaded your electronic transcript and have returned to the Academic Background page of the application, please click on "Verify Transcript" to ensure that the document was submitted successfully.
  • The Status page will indicate whether or not your transcripts have been uploaded successfully.
  • See the FAQ for more important information about transcripts.

Ensure that the transcripts meet the following requirements:

1. The transcript must be legible

2. The applicant name must be listed

3. The school name must be listed

4. If the institution does not use a 4.0 grade scale, provide the grade scale used as the last page of the document.

In this section you can:

  1. Add new school
    • Select school – Search for your school and select it, then fill out the form that appears.
    • Studies - Enter your degree obtained or pursued; degree status; whether the school is your baccalaureate institution; your major(s) and minor(s); overall GPA; base GPA (highest possible GPA at your institution); the number of credits completed; the school term system; whether you attended the school part-time or full-time; and the dates you attended the school or expected graduation date.
    • Declared Majors - If you have pursued multiple majors within one degree, you may enter each major in this section, followed by a comma.
  2. Edit or Delete School – If you would like to make changes to a school's information or delete the school, click on the appropriate link underneath the school listed.
  3. Add new transcripts- once a transcript has been uploaded, please click on "Verify Transcript" to ensure that your transcript has been saved. Once saved, the Academic Background portion of the application will show as complete on the left-hand module.

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