National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

 Application Instructions

The date when all applicants are required to submit the application online is TBD. All materials must be submitted electronically or received by this deadline. Notifications of awards will be emailed in April 2015. Award winners are expected to accept or decline the offer within two weeks of receipt of official notification. Application materials are not returned to applicants. Applicants must click the "Submit Application" button to submit the application.

Registering for an account:

You will need to register for a new account before you will be able to start the application, even if you applied last year. We do not save previous applicant information, including transcripts, reference letters and GRE scores. You will enter your name and email address and choose a password.

What you’ll need to complete the application:

  • General GRE score from the last 5 years – You’ll need to contact ETS to have your scores sent to code 5140 (see below). Please note, ETS will report all of your scores from the last five years.
  • Electronic transcripts from any graduate work as well as your undergraduate school(s) – Electronic versions of your official or unofficial transcripts can be uploaded via the online application's Academic Background section.
  • Contact information for at least three references – They will be asked to fill out an online form and submit an electronic letter of reference
  • Information on all your publications, presentations, patents, and patent applications
  • Contact info for supervisors of Research, Leadership, and Teamwork Experiences, and any Community and Volunteer Work


ETS has informed ASEE that applicants must sit for a GRE examination by TBD. ETS has also informed us that the last date you should request scores is 15 buisness days of processing time. Per this information, the last date you can order scores from ETS and expect that ASEE will receive them in time is TBD. Scores ordered after that date may still reach ASEE in-time for the application deadline, however, only ETS will be able to confirm this. Please contact ETS directly for more information about this process and to confirm whether your test scores will be received by NDSEG's application deadline of a date that is TBD. 

You may contact ETS at http://www.gre.org or (609) 771-7670. The GRE code for ASEE is 5140 (with no department code).

Transcript Requirements:

The NDSEG Fellowship Program requires that you upload electronic versions of your official or unofficial transcripts via the online application. These documents will be handled confidentially. Once an institution is added to your application, a link will be displayed to upload an electronic transcript for the corresponding degree. Do not wait for the fall semester's grades to come in before you upload transcripts; fall grades are not required. 

Ensure that the trancripts meet the following requirements:

1. The transcript must be legible

2. The applicant name must be listed

3. The school name must be listed

4. If the institution does not use a 4.0 grade scale, provide the grade scale used as the last page of the document.

5. Provide an uploaded transcript for each degree, unless a single transcript lists all degrees.

Navigating the application:

A sidebar is located at the left of each application page. Use this sidebar to navigate the application.You may complete the application sections in any order. At any time, you may click on the "Status" link in the sidebar to view information about how much of the application is complete. These are the areas of the application:

Applicant responsibilities:

Applicants are responsible for ensuring the proper submission of each element by the proposed deadline. See the descriptions of each element in the Application Walk-Through. Monitor the application's status to ensure ASEE receives the reference forms and GRE scores. As stated above, applicants must click the "Submit Application" buttonand select "Yes" before TBD, in order to submit the application.

All responses can be changed prior to submission. This allows you to save an application-in-progress and return to the application to correct errors and omissions.

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