National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship


The tenure of an NDSEG Fellowship is 36 consecutive months starting in September of the year the fellow is awarded.

In certain situations and with prior approval of the DoD, the tenure may be extended. These situations include:

  • The fellow is invited to do research at a DoD laboratory or test center for one or more summer periods.
  • The fellow's graduate institution does not offer an appropriate program during the summer months.

The availability of funds for the second and third years of each three-year award is contingent upon certification to ASEE by the fellow's advisor and institution that the fellow has made satisfactory academic progress toward an doctoral degree in one of the supported science or engineering disciplines.

Jason Damazo

Jason Damazo, NDSEG Fellow

“The NDSEG fellowship is a fantastic gift to the graduate student. Not only did it provide me with a stipend that is superior to any assistantship, it gave me tremendous freedom. It enabled me to focus solely on my research, and gave me a guaranteed spot with my advisor of choice so that I can work on the project of my choosing.”