National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Location of Enrollment

Fellowships are tenable only at U.S. institutions of higher education offering doctoral degrees in the scientific and engineering disciplines specified as being supported by the program. Applicants may apply before being accepted into a graduate program. If an applicant has not been accepted into a graduate program, the application should reflect the applicant's preferred graduate program and institution. The award will be contingent upon the applicant's admission to a suitable program.

During part of the fellowship tenure, a fellow may study or engage in research or fieldwork away from his or her academic institution if, in the judgment of the fellow's academic advisor and upon prior approval from the DoD Program Manager, such arrangements further the fellow's education and contribute directly to the attainment of a doctoral degree. Stipends will not be paid to fellows while they are engaged in internships, research or employment and not enrolled full-time at their institution.

Raymond Ryckman

Raymond Ryckman, NDSEG Fellow

“By providing me with a prestigious award and funding, NDSEG has allowed me to establish concrete links with the military research community and increased my ability to pursue a career there. It has demonstrated that the DoD believes that my research has value to the US Armed Forces, and has driven me to work harder than ever to live up to that faith.”