National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship

Conditions of Appointment

Fellows are required to enroll in full-time programs leading to doctoral degrees in one of the fifteen supported disciplines. According to the policy of an academic institution, such programs may include a reasonable amount of teaching or similar activities that contribute to the fellow's academic progress. As long as any teaching duties do not interfere with the fellow’s coursework or research, these activities are permitted while an NDSEG Fellow.

Fellows must be able to accept both the tuition benefit and the full stipend amount in order to be supported by NDSEG, and NDSEG must pay the full cost of tuition.

Frank Leibfarth

Frank Leibfarth, NDSEG Fellow

“Being a NDSEG fellow has allowed me to get off to a lightning fast start toward my Ph.D. The ability to pick the adviser of my choice and be a RA my first year meant I got more done in my first 6 months than I expected to in my first two years. The NDSEG gave me the freedom and autonomy to begin my journey toward becoming a legitimate scientist.”